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Accordingly, under the auspices and directives of the political leadership, and in line with Egypt’s sustainable vision 2030, and the new republic that is based on work and hope and seeks to provide a “dignified life” for all the people of the country.

The Human Fraternity Foundation provides medical services to needy children, orphans and infants, by starting to organize and implement a project of free medical convoys to areas with a real need for medical services for young ages, especially with regard to the following diseases:

- Undernutrition and Malnutrition

- Ear, nose and throat diseases

- Heart and circulatory diseases

- Infectious diseases

- Gastrointestinal diseases

- Blood diseases

- Gland diseases

- Orthopedic disease

- Ophthalmology

- The kidneys and urinary tract

- Dermatology

- Chest diseases

- Psychological and mental illness

- Non-communicable diseases

- Oral and dental diseases

Providing treatment by a group of Egyptian university professors who are known for their scientific competencies in all the aforementioned fields.

Accordingly, a working map was drawn up to start implementing the medical convoys project.

This initiative was born, as a result of the Human Fraternity Document, for the sake of sick children and those in need of special medical care, to provide them with distinguished medical care without any discrimination, preference or exclusion for any of them.

1 . Vision:

Through the medical convoys project, the Human Fraternity Foundation seeks to provide medical care to the unable sick children throughout the Republic, and to provide them with a comprehensive treatment to lead a healthy, decent human life, in line with the state’s vision for sustainable development 2030 (healthy children, both psychologically and physically).

This project aims to provide medical care based on the belief in the importance and necessity of providing comprehensive, integrated and continuous treatment to those in need, helping them have a decent life without suffering.

Through this project, the Human Fraternity Foundation seeks to join the caravans of goodness that roam the Egyptian lands to provide treatment, explore and serve the poorest areas within the Republic that lack health services, to contribute with the Ministry of Social Solidarity and the Ministry of Health and Housing in building bridges of goodness between volunteer doctors and patients in need.

Providing an integrated system for the treatment of patients, starting with the medical examination, through the necessary analyzes and x-rays, and operations if necessary, and ending with the provision of medicines and treatment that must be dispensed.

2 . • Message:

Contribute to treating sick children and drawing a smile on the faces of unable children, participating in providing a healthy child physically and psychologically to society, and combating the causes of the spread of various diseases to limit their negative impact on society.

3 . • Objectives:

1. Provide the optimal diagnosis for all cases

2. Providing integrated treatment, which includes psychological, medical, and laboratory support for children.

3. Providing a distinguished and free medical examination for children without any discrimination between all groups of people.

4. Develop cooperation protocols between all institutions, associations, and bodies with the same goals and working in this field, whether governmental or non-governmental, especially with the concerned ministries.

5. Contracting and agreeing with the best-specialized doctors to provide the best treatment methods.

6. Encouraging volunteers who are interested in the same goals and vision of the institution.

7. Helping poor families by providing free treatment to their sick children.

8. Respecting the dignity of the sick child and his family by preserving the privacy and confidentiality of the cases being treated.

9. Attention to providing tests, detection, and treatment in a sustainable manner for cases that need follow-up.

10. Attention to providing medicines in needy cases.

11. Conducting awareness campaigns to prevent diseases for the people of the targeted areas.

The most important objective of this project is to provide treatment to those who are unable, implement "prevention is better than cure" programs, early detection of diseases, and benefit from the experiences of countries that have developed programs to prevent diseases and reduce their rates of infection. Interest in knowing the causes of disease, ways of infection and the causes of its spread, because "knowledge is the basis of prevention."

4 • Finding Needs and Contracting Protocols:

The Human Fraternity Foundation searched for places most in need of service, and then concluded joint cooperation protocols between the Foundation and some associations and institutions with service field work.

The Human Fraternity Foundation has signed a cooperation protocol with “Jannat Al-Kholoud Assocciation”, headed by Dr. Zainab Abdel Ghaffar, to provide information on the areas affiliated with it, which are in dire need of providing medical services to the children of the orphanges and the nurseries served by Jannat Al-Kholoud Assocciation, in the Al-Duwaiqa and Al-Asmarat area, according to the need for the service.

Other targeted areas: Manshiet Nasser - Kafr Shukr Al-Fayoum, and other areas as needed to reach all regions and governorates of the Republic.

5 • The Medical team:

An agreement was reached with a selected group of Egyptian university professors, and consultants specializing in child nutrition and pediatric diseases, and an agreement is underway with a child psychologist to evaluate their behavior and their daily life system, and help them build their personality in a healthy and positive way.

6 • Procurement of the necessary medicines:

Contacts have been made with pharmaceutical companies, for example Eva Pharma, and with individuals in their personal capacities, working in the field of medical and pharmaceutical advertising.

Collaboration protocols are being worked out with some other companies.

The door for in-kind donations of medicines, medical supplies and vitamins required for children has also been opened.

A summary of some types of medications that are required to start the service:

Augmentine 457 mg/5 mL - Brufen Syrup Cetal Syrup 250 mg - Dakatrin gel - Enrich - Infantrini - Levohistam Syrup - Motinorm Syrup - Nitazode Suspension - Nutrini ORS sachets - Phenandone Syrup - Sansovit - ventolin Syrup - Vermizole suspension Vesralgin - Vi drop - Xithromax 600 and 900 susp. - Zinc origin

7 • Managing the necessary laboratories:

A joint cooperation protocol has been established between the Human Fraternity Foundation and medical analysis laboratories to conduct the required examinations and analyzes for children, for early detection, and to provide the necessary treatment, especially with regard to nutritional and vitamin deficiencies, or endemic diseases such as hepatitis viruses, or thyroid diseases and the deterioration that may result from them. mental health, especially in children, and immediately begin treatment.

All quotations were studied and the best offer was selected to conduct the required analyzes for the children. The average price for one child was 650 EGP, provided that these analyzes include the following:

25(OH) vitamin D total – Calcium total – Calcium ionized – CBC – Iron – Ferritin – TIBC – ESR – HCV Ab – Hbs Ag – TSH

8 • Financing:

The cost of one child in the examination at 5 doctors of different specialties will reach 325 Egyptian pounds, at 75 pounds for each examination. Thus, the cost of providing the medical service for each child inclusive of all required analyzes ranges from 1000 to 1200 Egyptian pounds.

To cover this cost and to ensure continuity, all material and in-kind donations will be accepted in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Solidarity and the Ministry of Health and Population.

9 • Medical records:

A booklet has been prepared for medical records (medical analysis results - dental examination - nutrition - pediatrics - ophthalmology) so that each child has an independent medical file that ensures the follow-up of all cases for the largest possible period of time and preserves the confidentiality and privacy of each case, as one of the main objectives of the convoys is the continuity of Follow-up of children, so that the child grows together physically and psychologically.

A comprehensive booklet has also been printed for all proper feeding instructions for children, distributed to those who serve children in nurseries or care homes, to help them provide proper and comprehensive nutrition for children.

10 • Coordination with state institutions:

The Human Fraternity Foundation works in continuous coordination with the relevant state institutions, especially the Ministry of Social Solidarity, the Ministry of Health and Population, and the concerned neighborhood heads, in compliance with all procedures and laws regulating this field.

11 • Volunteers:

The Human Fraternity Foundation communicates with all those with sincere and good intentions, who have the same vision and mission to volunteer, each according to his position, his job, his skills and his time to participate in the service of medical convoys.

12 • Final logistical matters:

After confirming all the previous points, and before starting the implementation of the medical convoy project, the Human Fraternity Foundation will manage the final logistical matters from arranging the reception place for the convoy, arranging with the system committees and scouts as needed, arranging transportation and transportation methods, and any other work.

13 Implementation plan:

Initiating the implementation of the medical convoys project in stages, starting with a limited number of regions, doctors and specialties, in order to expand gradually to include the project all specialties and the largest possible number of doctors, specialties and places in all governorates of the Republic.

This is based on the belief of the Foundation and those in charge of it of the right of every child to obtain treatment, health and psychological care, and in fulfillment of the Foundation’s motto:

"With humanity we reach everyone!"

Medical Convoys .

“The launch of medical convoys throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt.”

Within the framework of the Human Fraternity Foundation’s interest in health and children, the Foundation launched its first medical convoy, starting from Friday, November 25, 2022, in cooperation with the Coptic Orthodox Toiling Brothers Association in Manshiyet Al-Jabal Al-Asfar affiliated to Al-Khanka Center in Qalyubia, and a number of charitable and medical organizations. The Foundation organizes convoys periodically to all areas in need. The convoy targeted a large number of children by providing medical examinations and checking on their health status through a medical staff specialized in pediatrics, nutrition, and internal medicine. The necessary medical examinations and analyzes were carried out without any financial compensation, and all kinds of necessary medicines were dispensed to children, and children in need were referred for follow-up and completion. Treatment in specialized hospitals under the supervision of Egyptian university professors.



Medical convoys of the Human Fraternity Foundation

It is about working as a medical clinic for one day with a group of consultant doctors and specialists in various specialties, examining patients, doing the necessary analyzes for them, and giving them free treatment, in the various governorates of Egypt, out of our strong belief that every person must have a healthy and dignified life .

Human Fraternity medical Project

Human Fraternity medical Project

The first branch of the "Human fraternity medicals" chain will be established and operated to provide service to the needy residents of the region to ensure that the service reaches the neediest groups, through the application of a mechanism to limit these numbers through the use of ration cards to benefit from what the state has done and to ensure that aid reaches those who deserve it. After applying the experiment in the first branch, following it up, ensuring its success, and evaluating it by the committee responsible for the project, it will be implemented in other regions in stages, depending on the need and the level of response from donors and volunteers.

Medical Convoys

The Foundation organizes a number of medical convoys in various places in the governorates to provide free treatment, medicines, examinations and medical examinations.