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The UAE's brave project to resume civilization



The UAE's brave project to resume civilization

  In February 2019, the world witnessed the largest historical event represented by the signing of the Abu Dhabi Document for Human Fraternity and the announcement of the Abrahamic Family House project, and a day before this event, His Holiness Pope Francis, Pope of the Catholic Church, presented a “memorial medal” to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, bearing on the first side of it A picture of a meeting between St. Francis and Sultan Al-Kamil Al-Ayyubi 800 years ago. The medal tells the story of St. Francis’ visit to Egypt and his sitting in the presence of the Sultan, so that the two began paving the path of dialogue, and after that they became an example of great courage, and charted the way for the future.
Centuries after this meeting, and in light of the difficult circumstances our world is going through, a courageous initiative was necessary to resume what the sultan and the saint started. After that, God Almighty willed that the world be tested by the “Covid-19” pandemic, so the UAE was once again actions before words, and it is the true translator of what is in the Abu Dhabi Document for Human Fraternity.
The UAE continues to resume civilization
The signing of the Abu Dhabi Document was accompanied by the announcement of the Abrahamic Family House project, to serve as a civilized edifice that the UAE presents to the world as a model of coexistence and tolerance, and contributes to defusing the fabricated conflict between religions. Consolidation of coexistence and brotherhood. I appreciate the courage of the leaders of this Arab country, which understood the importance of brotherhood. It is the first Arab development model that adopted the principle of fraternity as its approach, thanks to the wisdom and farsightedness of its late founder, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the wise man of the Arabs, and his brothers, the founders of the Union. May God bless them.
Today, his sons are following the path of the founder, leading their countries in unique paths far from fanaticism, hatred and isolation. How much the whole world needs those positive images and these bright examples that the UAE presents day after day, and I repeat whenever I am asked about the Abrahamic House, that Egypt is - as well - the home of coexistence, love and tolerance. alien to us, and has no place among us.
The project of resuming civilization in our Arab region blocks the way for groups that take their legitimacy from spreading hatred, and profit from spreading division and rivalry. The Abu Dhabi Charter for Human Fraternity and the Abrahamic Family House are statements in the civilizational project, because they remove that false legitimacy from hate groups. Goethe’s saying brings me here: "Ingratitude is a form of weakness... I have never seen good men ungrateful." I do not see that attacking coexistence and tolerance is nothing but an expression of a common state of ingratitude, retreat, blindness, and rejection of the other, and here I see that “ingratitude” is the most accurate description of this category.
In front of the images of slaughter, bombings, booby-trapped cars and black flags, the UAE presents the image of Islam that is moderate, tolerant and open to the other, Islam that called for dialogue, meeting and reconstruction, and with it the image of the believer who is confident in his faith and culture, so the document and the Abrahamic House project were a global declaration that there is no place for wars or conflicts between religions, and a commandment to preserve human dignity and preserve their cultural and religious privacy.
The way to the Abrahamic House
The ungrateful ones who attack the Abrahamic House are spreading some lies about stances against the Abrahamic House..and I confirm that His Holiness Pope Francis has great appreciation for the Emirati model of coexistence, and he expressed this through his choice of the UAE to sign the Document of Human Fraternity..and he said in his speech before signing the document, On February 4, 2019: “Here, within a few years, thanks to far-sightedness and wisdom, the desert has turned into a prosperous and hospitable place. The desert, which was a difficult and impenetrable barrier, has become a meeting place between cultures and religions. The desert has flourished here, not just for a few days in the year, but for many years to come. This country, where sands embrace skyscrapers, remains an important intersection between East and West, between the north and south of the earth, remains a place of growth, where previously uninhabited spaces today provide employment opportunities for people of different nations.
His Holiness added, “It seems that growth also has its enemies. And if individualism is the enemy of fraternity, I would like to point out that the impediment to growth is indifference, which leads to turning a flourishing reality into a barren land. Purely utilitarian growth does not, in fact, provide realistic and sustainable progress. Only integrated and coherent growth provides a future worthy of man. Indifference prevents looking at the human community beyond the scope of profit, and at the brother beyond the scope of the work he does. Indifference, in fact, does not look to tomorrow, does not care for the future of creation, does not care for the dignity of the stranger and for the future of children. Here in the desert, fertile paths of growth were opened, progressing from work, hopes for many people belonging to different peoples, cultures and beliefs.
His Holiness, Pope Francis, encouraged the Emirati model, describing it as “fraternal coexistence, based on education and justice, human development, based on coexistence and on the rights of all: these are the seeds of peace that religions should germinate. At this delicate historical stage, religions have, perhaps more than ever, a duty that can no longer be postponed: to actively contribute to disarming the human heart. The arms race, the extension of spheres of influence, and hostile policies, at the expense of others, will never lead to stability. War begets nothing but misery, and weapons beget nothing but death! There is no other alternative: either we build the future together, or there will be no future. Religions, in particular, cannot


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